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Adobe Instructor-led Course

Adobe AIR: Building Desktop Applications with Flex  (2 days)

Onsite and private classes available. Please enquire directly for details..


This course is designed to equip experienced Adobe® Flex™ developers with the skills needed to develop robust desktop applications using Adobe AIR™.

Course length

Two days


Flex 2: Developing Rich Client Applications course, or equivalent experience developing Flex applications

Course outline

Introducing the course

  • Introducing Mastery Learning
  • Understanding the course format
  • Reviewing the course prerequisites
  • Reviewing the course outline

Introducing Adobe AIR

  • Exploring the Adobe AIR development toolset
    • Understanding the runtime application
    • Understanding the Adobe AIR SDK
    • Looking at Adobe Flex Builder™ 3
  • Reviewing the Adobe AIR tools for Flex Builder 3
    • Creating Adobe AIR projects
    • Exporting Adobe AIR applications
  • Walkthrough: Review the course application

Getting started with Adobe AIR

  • Creating your first Adobe AIR application
    • Creating an Adobe AIR project
    • Creating a main application
    • Compiling an Adobe AIR application
    • Running an Adobe AIR application
  • Walkthrough: Create an Adobe AIR application
  • Packaging and deploying applications
    • Exporting an application
    • Code-signing an application
    • Selecting application content
    • Installing an application
  • Walkthrough: Export and install application
  • Learning Adobe AIR fundamentals
    • Understanding the application container
    • Exploring the Adobe AIR file format
    • Understanding the application descriptor
    • Understanding the application display attributes
  • Walkthrough: Examine the Adobe AIR package and change its descriptor
  • Getting help and other resources

Creating native windows

  • Creating a window
    • Using the Window class
    • Adding content to a window
  • Walkthrough: Create, open, and close a native window
  • Modifying the window display
    • Changing the window type
    • Changing the window chrome
    • Setting window transparency
    • Going full screen
  • Walkthrough: Control chrome, transparency, and full screen
  • Manipulating windows
    • Getting an instance of the window
    • Resizing a window
    • Moving a window
  • Walkthrough: Maximize, minimize, restore, and move a window
  • Using window events
    • Identifying the window events
  • Walkthrough: Control window behavior through event listeners

Using the file system

  • Using the File class
    • Using the File class
    • Creating directories
  • Walkthrough: Creating directories and files
    • Moving and copying file system objects
    • Deleting file system objects
  • Walkthrough: Copy, move, and delete file objects
  • Using the Flex 3 Adobe AIR components
    • Reviewing the component types
  • Walkthrough: Use file browsing and display components
  • Using file streams
    • Creating directories
    • Reading and writing files
  • Walkthrough: Read and write to a text file
  • Working with file formats
    • Using binary and encoded characters
  • Walkthrough: Read, modify, and write a binary file to the desktop

Connecting applications

  • Communicating between applications
    • Using LocalConnection
  • Walkthrough: Connect to another Adobe AIR application
  • Communicating with the browser
    • Using the URLRequest class
  • Walkthrough: Interact with a remote service via URL
  • Using HTML content
    • Loading HTML content
  • Walkthrough: Load HTML into an Adobe AIR application
  • Getting occasionally connected
    • Monitoring services
    • Detecting HTTP connectivity
    • Detecting Socket connectivity
  • Walkthrough: Add network detection

Using the clipboard

  • Moving data with copy and paste
    • Using the clipboard
    • Getting data from the clipboard
    • Writing data to the clipboard
  • Walkthrough: Moving data with copy and paste
  • Using drag and drop
    • Exploring the drag-and-drop stages
    • Dragging with the clipboard
  • Walkthrough: Drag an image into the application

Persisting application data

  • Using embedded SQL databases
    • Understanding the database file
    • Opening a database
    • Creating a database
  • Walkthrough: Create a new database
  • Using SQL statements
    • Managing the database
    • Managing the data
    • Using best practices with embedded databases
  • Walkthrough: Update database and records
  • Working with data types
    • Using Date data
    • Using XML data
    • Using BLOB data
  • Walkthrough: Use date/time and BLOB data

Understanding Adobe AIR security

  • Considering Adobe AIR security
    • Learning about security sandboxes
    • Understanding the domain considerations
    • Detecting Adobe AIR capabilities
    • Understanding the security best practices
  • Walkthrough: Add capability detection

Customizing application deployment

  • Setting the application's desktop icon
    • Using application icons
  • Walkthrough: Add icon to application
  • Setting system tray notifications
    • Using the shell
    • Using the system tray
  • Walkthrough: Add a system tray icon
  • Customizing application chrome
    • Understanding application chrome
  • Walkthrough: Change application chrome
  • Creating a seamless installer
    • Adding the installer
  • Demo: Review the badging process
  • Summary and review

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